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Lighting 101 - Be recognized, not just seen

As our daylight hours get shorter in the winter, it is important to review what is important when it comes to conspicuity and vehicle lighting for two wheeled vehicles. When it comes to lighting designed to make you visible to other motorists, cyclists or pedestrians, it is important to understand that while a light that is visible is certainly good, it is far better to be visible and recognized.

This can be demonstrated in a simple situation that we have all encountered -- a car is coming towards you at night on a dark road, and one headlight is out. While the a single headlight may be clearly visible, you often still don't know what this is. A car? A motorcycle? A street light? Or just some other light in the environment. Is it 25 yards away or is it 1 mile away? With only a single point of light, it takes time to process what and where it really is. Often there is a brief sense of disorientation as your brain figures this out. If you ride a two wheeler at night, you want others to not only see your light, but recognize what and where you are as soon as possible. In short, brighter does not always mean better.

Hi Viz Wheel Lighting

So when you are looking for "be seen" lights, look for lights that will not only be seen, but will also make you quickly recognized by others around you. This is often challenging on two wheeled vehicles because single headlights, taillights or other single point lights do not provide any point of reference that allow others to quickly recognize you and judge your distance, speed, etc. Let's face it, in many instances, the lights, while visible, still go effectively unnoticed.

While there are many systems that provide some ability to be recognized, Lunasee's Hi Viz Wheel Lighting systems have to be one of the best. With the distinct visible rings of light on your wheels, you are instantly visible and instantly recognized as a two wheeled vehicle. Just glance at the image as if you were a motorist on the road scanning the environment. Which bike do you see easier and quicker?

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