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Be Seen Sooner

While most two wheelers only have reflective components for visibility from the side,  they are passive and only effective when in the direct path of headlights. Lunasee Hi Viz Wheel Lighting provides active side light - by creating visible glowing rings of light on your wheels. Now motorists can see you even outside the beam of their headlights, allowing them to see you sooner in peripheral vision.

Which bike do you see easier?

"...the system performed flawlessly. Not only did it instantly improve conspicuity, it garnered more than a few 'that's cool!' remarks from fellow motorcyclists."


                        -Backroads Motorcycle Touring Magazine

Be Recognized Faster

While front lights and tail lights may be visible, these single points of light with no reference are often lost in the sea of other lights in the environment and go unrecognized by motorists. Being visible is only half the battle and this is where Lunasee Hi Viz Wheel Lighting really shines. The Lunasee systems create solid rings of light on your wheels that allow motorists to not only see you, but quickly recognize you as a two wheeled vehicle. Less confusion. More clarity and awareness.

Which bike do you see easier?

"The Lunasee kit gives a very distinct look that is draw-dropping cool, while giving an extra edge of safety we could all use"


                                         - Throttler Magazine

Cutting Edge Style

Do you  just enjoy styling your bike with cool stuff?  Your friends will wonder how you did it!  So if style is your thing, enjoy it while also getting the added layer of visibility on the road.  Have fun and enjoy the unique visual effect of Lunasee Hi Viz Wheel Lighting with no wires, LEDs or batteries actually on or in your wheels.


Simple Concept. Remarkable Effect.

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