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How it Works

The patented Lunasee Hi Viz Wheel Lighting systems use high performance LunaGLO rim tape that is applied directly to your wheel's rim, just like a pin stripe. This material is a fast reacting, high performance photoluminescent tape with automotive grade pressure sensitive adhesive. It's only 4mm wide, almost weightless and nearly invisible in daylight. 


As the wheels rotate, the "super phosphors" embedded in the LunaGLO rim tape are constantly excited by four discrete LEDpods that are mounted on the frame or forks of your motorcycle, scooter or bicycle, and are targeted directly at the LunaGLO tape. Like magic, within a few rotations the tape will reach maximum charge, creating the striking rings of light without any wires or lights actually on your wheels. 


It's that simple.   

Fitment | Motorcycles

Our motorcycle kits come with versatile mounting hardware that should allow installation on most popular factory makes/models with dual swing arms.  Our rule is simple – no matter what your make and model, if it has dual swing arms, the  kit should install without a problem. While we have not installed the kit on every make and model, we have not yet seen a make/model with dual swing arms that our mounting hardware will not work on. This may not apply to custom bikes or factory bikes that have been significantly customized. So if your bike is a factory model with dual swing arms, your bike should be  ready for Lunasee’s Hi-Viz Wheel lighting!  

If your bike has a single swing arm, please contact Lunasee at for guidance on fitment. 

Please review all information on the Fitment tab of the product page carefully  before purchasing. 


Fitment | Bicycles

All bikes have different components, including rims, forks, fork shapes and brake components that can impact fitment of Lunasee systems on bicycles. Here is a quick guide to assess fitment for your bike:

1. Does your rim have suitable surface for LunaGLO tape application?

The rim profile must provide a surface area of approximately 5mm wide for applying the LunaGLO tape. If your bike has rim brakes, the tape can NOT be applied to the braking surface, and the tape should never come in contact with the brake pad as the wheel rotates. 

2. Do your front forks, rear seat stay or chain stay have location to strap on the LEDpods?

LunaGLO LEDpods are strapped on to your front forks, rear seat stay or chain stays and must be located to target the light at the LunaGLO rim tape. Please check that you have suitable location and suitable fork shape to strap on these LEDpods. Suspension forks, rim brake components, fork shape and other components can interfere with proper mounting of the LEDpods. 

Please review all information on the Fitment tab of the product page carefully before purchasing.  

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