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Hi Viz

      Wheel Lighting

Lunasee is the leader in photoluminescent wheel lighting for two-wheeled vehicles. Lunasee's patented Hi Viz Wheel Lighting combines state-of-the-art LED technology with advanced high performance photoluminescent materials to achieve extraordinary enhancements to conspicuity with a cool, cutting edge visual effect.


No lights or wires actually on your wheels. 


Whether you ride a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle, get your Lunasee Hi Viz Wheel Lighting kit today. 

How it Works

The patented Lunasee Hi Viz Wheel Lighting systems use high performance LunaGLO rim tape that is applied directly to your wheel's rim, just like a pin stripe. This material is a fast reacting, high performance photoluminescent tape with automotive grade pressure sensitive adhesive. It's only 4mm wide, almost weightless and nearly invisible in daylight. 


As the wheels rotate, the "super phosphors" embedded in the LunaGLO rim tape are constantly excited by four discrete LEDpods that are mounted on the frame or forks of your motorcycle, scooter or bicycle, and are targeted directly at the LunaGLO tape. Like magic, within a few rotations the tape will reach maximum charge, creating the striking rings of light without any wires, lights or batteries actually on your wheels. 


It's that simple. 

How it Works1

Simple Concept.

Remarkable Effect.



- Throttler Magazine

The Company

We all know that two-wheeled vehicles often go dangerously unseen on the road. Unsatisfied with options to improve conspicuity, cyclists Jesse Palmer and Barry Allen set out to enhance visibility for these two-wheelers with a stylish and integrated system. After discovering the luminous power of newly developed, high performance glow materials, the concept of Lunasee was born.  After months of testing and development, Lunasee introduced the world's first photoluminescent wheel lighting system in the Netherlands in 2010 and today offers aftermarket and OEM systems for motorcycles, scooters and bicycles.  


Lunasee maintains patents on this photoluminescent wheel lighting technology. Whether your ride a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle, we hope our systems will add to your peace of mind and riding pleasure.


Lunasee was founded in 2005 by Jesse Palmer, Barry Allen and William Monk and is located in Greenville, NC. 

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