Integrated Motorcycle Wheel Lights – Visible at Night, Invisible in Daylight
Simple and Easy Motorcycle Wheel Kit – Glow Rims are Here
Amazing Glow Rims – with Lunasee ASL Motorcycle Wheel Lights
The Ultimate in Motorcycle Safety Lights.  Motorcycle Wheel Light with over 12 feet of light
Why ride without Lunasee ASL revolutionary motorcycle wheel lights?

Innovative Motorcycle Wheel Lights – by Lunasee

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Style meets Safety with the patented Lunasee Active Side Lighting system – the most innovative motorcycle wheel lights on the market. The Lunasee Active Side Lighting system provides you with a unique visual effect that is sure to turn heads and will have people wondering “how do you do that?”. It’s integrated, sleek and visual.

This same stylish effect also makes you highly visible and recognizable with the unique “light signature” created by the system. Click on Why It’s Better to learn more about the important safety aspects of the system.

And best of all — it’s simple and integrated.  There is no need to get power to your wheels because there are no LEDs actually on your wheels – only a small pin stripe!   Wondering how that is possible?  Click on How it Works to learn more about the simplicity and integration of Lunasee Active Side Lighting.